Day 11- The Freezer

Today’s organizing challenge for  A Bowl Full of Lemons was to clean out and organize the freezer.  I must say in advance that this was rushed and still isn’t done.  I actually got all three of my kids (all under three and a half) to nap… or at least be upstairs quietly pretending to nap… at the same time.

I decided to tackle the project and hope that it stayed quiet and still.  What was I thinking???

So… here is the before with everything in there.

There is a ton of stuff packed in there.  The sad part…. (beyond the fact that we bought this circa 1980 fridge used five years ago.. and so need a new one) … is that we have a deep freezer in the garage that is packed… and tomorrow night I am going grocery shopping.

The whole center part of the freezer is a water dispenser and ice maker that have spit out random calcified looking ka-ka since we bought it.  So.. It is basically just a waste of space that I wish was used with more shelving.  Anyway…

I took everything out of the top part.  I threw out quite a bit and piled a ton into the bucket to take down to the chickens.  We give them stale breads.. etc… so they will be feasting on some freezer burnt bagels, waffles, and french toast later. 🙂

Once it was all cleared out (top only) it looked like this… eeewwww…..

I took the two shelves out and cleaned them up… scrub scrubbed the rest… and started to put things back.  This is how it looked after scrubbing.

Soooo much better.

I then started to organize into better categories.  I once had this organized in categories, but it has since gotten a bit off track and things were just getting jammed in there.  I usually have a veggies spot, a fruit and breakfast stuff (we freeze leftover waffles, pancakes, and french toast to pop in the toaster oven), meat, and then random frozen food.  I took some stuff from the bottom and was rearranging the top when…..   Whhhaaaaaaa!!!  The baby wakes up and starts screaming as my counter/stove top looks like this….

So… without actually completely clearing out the bottom or scrubbing it… I put everything back in.  I still have to go get bins from the dollar store and containerize the shelfs.  I also have to actually do the bottom the right way when I get a sec, but this is how it looks for now.

So… I am thinking that we need to eat from the stockpile more than we do.  I still get groceries every week because I like having fresh fruits and veggies in the house for us and especially the kiddos.  We have this whole bottom section of this freezer full of meat and half of the deep freezer (a half size one) full of meat as well.  When meat goes on sale for family packs I usually get a few and freeze it all.  My mother’s husband also hunts and she can’t stand to even smell venison cooking… so we were lucky enough to have him give us almost a whole deer worth of meat.

With three kids.. and one being a newborn… I am pretty proud of myself.  I am loving the challenges that I can actually participate in!


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  1. Looks great! And I think it is rather impressive that you got that much done before being interrupted!!


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