The “Coat Closet” Up

So… Hubby got the new coat hanger and shelf unit put up last night.  (To see the original post of the Organizing Challenge that this is a part of go here.) I waited until today to put anything on it so that the stain could dry a bit more.  There are several more hooks (two diff styles because of what was available when he went down to the little hardware store down the street… but they will be covered with coats most of the time anyway) and a shelf now to hold the diaper bag, my purse, and the sling and baby bjorn.  There is no longer a pile of stuff in the area at the bottom of the steps for us to trip over…. I am loving that.

We will need to fill in the holes on the wall from the previous coat rack.  We also need to fix where the gate has taken the paint and some of the wall off.  The whole area needs to be repainted too because of scuff marks from loads of junk getting piled in there.

Until we get a chance to make all of those wall condition changes…. it is done enough.  So… here it is.

No more pile on the floor…. 🙂

Reminder of what it looked like before— this is after he started taking the hooks off the old hanger, so picture a million coats all jammed onto this small one.  The second picture is of the floor at the bottom of the stairs where it all gets piled.

A shelf along both sides would have been nice, but I was afraid someone would end up hitting their head.  It is also already a weird spot to get things up the stairs because of that post at the bottom of the stairs and the railing.

I think I will get two of those canvas totes when I find some the right size and color.  I would use one for the baby carriers and one for the hats and gloves that are currently jammed in a bag under the stairs with the shoes.


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