Our Penguin Snacks

We tried the penguin snacks yesterday that I posted about here.  The kids were already eating soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, but I wanted to try them really quick while my mom was here holding the baby.  I made up four… two each…. and they loved them.

This is what ours looked like done.

I used medium black olives for both parts too.  It was all I had and once you split the one middle one open to stuff it with cream cheese I think it looked big enough.

My big guy showing off his penguin.

My big girl not sure what to do with him.  Too funny.

What they look like after you rip the body and feet off.  In case you were wondering.  😛

They loved these and I will definitely be making them again.  I stood right there taking the toothpicks once they were cleared off because I don’t usually give the kids snacks with pointy toothpicks in them and I wasn’t sure they would behave with them.

So…. I might make some more today because they liked them so much and my daughter turns two today.  I am going to try and think of meals and snacks that she really likes since we aren’t having her party until this weekend.


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  1. Posted by Phyllis on January 12, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    They would even be great for a cocktail party. Very cute and I know the kids loved them.


  2. What a great job! The organization looks fantastic! I wish I had that little carpet shampooer! We only have carpet in a couple rooms so that would be an excellent addition to our family.


    • Thanks. The shampooer is nice. I was thinking that I should just buy one like my moms, but then realized that this is the only thing in the whole house that we could clean with it. We just got leather furniture… so…. nope. And this is the only rug we have. I think when our addition is done and that is all wall to wall carpet we will invest in the big vacuum looking one. My mom said she got hers a bit ago on sale for around a hundred and the cleaner you can find in three packs at Sam’s club if you have one of those. I just found that same cleaner on amazon.com on sale for $75 with FREE super saver shipping…. fyi. 🙂


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