Day 9 Organizing Challenge- Toys

So… Day 9 of the Organization Challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons that you can see here is Toy Organization.  I have been slowly working on this and constantly adding and re doing since we had our first child three and half years ago.  We have a tiny area that used to be for our kitchen table/ breakfast nook and has since turned into a toy room.  In the new addition (in progress) we will have a huge master bedroom downstairs that will be a designated toy room until the kids are older and we escape downstairs.  Then it will be our master bedroom.


After the holidays and all of the new toys I went out to the dollar store and the Dollar General and got a few more bins.

This table here used to have one row of books across the bottom and the upper area was all wasted space.  We keep this particular table in this room because it happens to be the perfect height for a changing area.

Now that I got the books narrowed down and some random toys from the floor into some bins I needed to wait for hubby to get a spare second (which doesn’t happen very often when he works full time as a civil engineer, is building our more-than-doubling the size of the house addition alone, and is a super hands on Daddy)  to make a shelf to put in there so the bins weren’t toppling down onto the kiddos.

I also found these small yellow bins with metal handles on them to use in the play kitchen.  We used to use a drawer of the bigger units to house all of the play food, but now it all fits right in the kitchen with these.

Note the giant four foot by four foot crane that the kids got for the holidays from the grandparents.  Remember I said how TINY our house is.  Lovely….

Hubby got the shelf in the changing table and I went through all of the toys again to categorize them.  I then “lovingly lifted” a few pics and made up some labels on my photo program.  Each label has a picture and the words.  I printed them on white card stock and then laminated them.  Cut them out and attached them to the appropriate bin with these glue spots (I am in love with the new line from Elmer’s).

I ran out of laminating pouches so I need to finish up a few labels, but you get the idea.  I need another label for “people”, “leapfrog”, “toy story” and need to figure out what to label the misc. bin.  It has a few bigger toys that just don’t fit anywhere else- a piggy bank toy, a jewelry box toy, a shape-o ball, a little people airplane…. etc.

I also decided that since I was pulling everything apart and moving it around I would clean this one and only rug in the whole house.  My mom brought over her Bissel that is meant for furniture… so.. there I was on my hands and knees cleaning the rug for the whole nap time.

This is what the room looked like when I went to go do the rug and realized that I had a bit of picking up to do.

This is the carpet before shampooing once cleared off—

Carpet after shampooing—

One of the results of the shampooing— the nasty water bin—-  and I got this twice from this tiny low pile carpet… eeeewwww…… Had to share the gross….

The whole addition will be carpeting so I am thinking that when it is done we need to invest in one of those big boy steam cleaners.

So to recap—

Before                                                                                     and                                                                          After


6 responses to this post.

  1. looks great!! love the labels


  2. The new shelf looks great!! Must be so nice! And your labels look great!!


  3. I love your labels! I just use my label maker but yours are really cool. It looks great!


    • Thanks. I have a regular label maker too that I have used in the past, but we are still having new kids and I thought the combo labels with pics and words would be best. I like how they came out… just need to get more laminating pouches to finish them up. And.. that elmer’s glue dots really holds well. I got the permanent ones and they are super sticky.


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