Tupperware- The Pantry Cabinets

So these are my pantry cabinets that I said I would show.  A Bowl Full of Lemons is doing an organizing challenge and Day 7 was the pantry.  I have one big tall cabinet that holds most of our pantry stuff and then we have two sets of cabinets over the bar for some.  Spices are in another small cabinet near the stove and I really like the way my Tupperware spice containers look with the labels that I added… so… I am attaching that pic too.

Oh.. and I have a canned goods cabinet.  I know these aren’t the greatest for you, but it makes me feel better to know that I have a stockpile of canned goods.  I want to start making the move towards not using food from a can, but until then… this is how the can cabinet looks.  Some laugh… but… I can look in my cabinet and see how many cans of what I need to buy … making the grocery list easy… and for husbands that look around in random places and then ask “Hey hun…. Do we have any peas left?”  Instead of having to stop what I am doing and get up to search out that can of peas… I can say “Look in the can cabinet where it says PEAS.”

These containers that I am using here are all the real Tupperware.  Like I said- I started selling Tupperware and used all of my earnings to buy products that I use.  The modular mates are quite expensive, but I decided to make the investment after finding weevils in my food that came home from the store.  Go here to see what a weevil is.  EEEWWWW….. trust me… you would want to find all new containers for your whole house that do not let bugs get from item to item.  We had to throw out about three garbage bags full of food!  What a waste.


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  1. […] I posted before my other cabinets of pantry stuff that I also use modular mates.  I prefer the super ovals and rectangles because they are about eleven inches deep and go from front to back perfectly. […]


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