Organizing Challenge and Shaklee Products

I found this site the other day called A Bowl Full of Lemons and she has started a 21 day challenge to organize your house.  Today is day 8, but you could catch up if you are incredibly motivated… or just start from day 8 or 9 if you wanted.  I am loving looking at her posts and the links below to others transformations.

As a mom of three under three and half years old…. one being three weeks old… I do not at the moment have time to actually participate in doing all of these to the extent that she is, but still love looking.

She also has projects and crafts for other organization that you could just use when you find time.

You will see that she is a Shaklee distributor.  Shaklee is a company that makes “green” products. They have a cleaning line, a diet line, a health line, and a beauty line.  I have been recently looking into the cleaning line and really want to make the switch.  I looked into the prices and it is definitely a better deal to get the kits (especially the get clean starter kit).  I have a friend who sells it in the area and will buy from him when I make my move.

Anyway…. check it out—

I have found this info about Shaklee cleaning products—

They are super concentrated… so you add the water…. saving excess packaging and bottles…

They are chemical free… supposedly if your child ingested the bottle of liquid they would be fine… no need to call poison control because all products are non toxic.

The bacteria killing products (basic g.. I believe its called) kills bacteria for three days versus products like lysol that kill germs for an hour.

The product called basic h2 has over 1000 uses from cleaning windows and floors to fertilizing plants… to adding fluffiness to muffins…. ????  crazy right?????

So…. if you are interested in making a change to help your family… especially kids… check into it.  I have been reading a ton about kids getting allergies and asthma just from chemicals that are released while you are “cleaning” your home.


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