My Sad Version of the Organizing Challenge

So… as I said before…. with a newborn I am having trouble keeping up with the organizing challenge on A Bowl Full of Lemons but I thought that I could show you what I do have.

Today is Day 8–  The Coat Closet.

We actually don’t even have a coat closet.  We have an area at the bottom of the stairs that happens to be next to the front door where we hang our coats and everything gets piled.  We have a gate going across creating a little nook area where everything gets thrown that needs to be taken to the garage, upstairs, or that I am trying to keep the kids from getting into.  The diaper bag and my purse also get piled in this area.

We had one piece of wood with four hooks on it that Hubby made to hang all of our coats and snowsuits.  Hubby just recently came up with the idea of extending the hanging hooks part and to add a shelf.  This picture here is of the existing coat rack minus the hooks that he took off because he started building the bigger version.

Hubby made the coat rack/ shelf last night, put all of the hooks on it, and stained it.  He is supposed to put it up tonight.  I will post the finished re-done area once it’s up either tonight or tomorrow (if I am feeling motivated).

Day 1 was the junk drawer.  We actually do not have a single junk drawer in the house so I decided to take pics of the worst drawer in the kitchen because of it’s size–  the silverware drawer.  This is my before…

You will have to check back for the pic of the after…. but it’s really not all that drastic… only so much you can do with a silverware drawer.

This is the after of the silverware drawer.  It doesn’t look like that much was even done, but there was quite a pile of unnecessary items laying on the counter that I had to find homes for.  I keep one of these bins stocked with pens, pencils, and lip stuff (no junk drawer to put them in), one bin has the kids utensils, one for bitty baby utensils (she doesn’t use them right now, but every time I finally take them out of the drawer I get pregnant again… so I decided to just leave them in there), and one bin has a few random items like wine stoppers and openers.  In the corner are a couple boxes of wine charms, some gum, stamps, and tape.

Day 2 was the top of the computer desk.  We have our laptop sitting on the bar as our desk for now.  I will have to post about organizing my desk once the house is finished and we have an office.

Day 3 was the Tupperware cabinet.  This was a hard one for me because I actually became a consultant for Tupperware and did parties this past year.  I mainly became a consultant just to earn free products.  I did not keep any of my earnings.  I bought Tupperware with all of it.  So.. now … in our tiny house (until the addition is done) I have a TON of Tupperware!!!

From this you can see that I have the whole corner cabinet full of containers and see the tops of the cabinets–  oh yeah— more Tupperware!!!

I did get to Day 5- Under the Sink



Not super drastic either.  I keep vases, cleaning supplies, my miracle grow, and the bottle bag under here.  Also in the three stacking bins are aprons, extra sponges and gloves, and dish towels and rags.  I found an idea at one point to take an empty square tissue holder and use it for plastic bags.  I love this trick.  If you take the bags and twist them up you can fit a ton in one little holder and they are so much more contained.

I will try to post more about the other areas—

Day 4  the linen closet

Day 6 Dresser Drawers (LOL- she has you actually go through all of your clothes and get rid of things which I definitely need to do, but would take me much longer than the tiny blocks of time minus kids that I am getting at the moment.)

Day 7 The pantry (I actually have a pretty organized pantry cabinet thanks to my super modular mates from Tupperware.  Will post those for ya.)

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